All's Fair, Convene

Expo Milano 2015 asked more than 140 countries to explore an ambitious question: How do we sustainably feed more than 9 billion people by 2050? Here's how the world's fair sought to address this weighty issue — and why it's become such a controversial event. From the September 2015 issue of PCMA Convene.

'Probotunity' knocks, Convene

Convene visits the 2014 Tableau Conference in Seattle and finds the software company embracing connectivity, customization — and its hometown. From the December 2014 issue of PCMA Convene.

Up in the air, Convene

Massive consolidation and rising fuel prices have resulted in fewer flights and higher fares at destinations across the country. Second-tier cities are absorbing the brunt of cuts in airline capacity and competition — and some of them are better off for it. From the August 2013 issue of PCMA Convene.